is a vehicle
for achieving extraordinary results
in community-based organizations.

The Resource is a national corporation dedicated to providing strategic support to networks of community based organizations working in arenas having great impact on our society...

  • Civil justice programs
  • Grantmaking and funding organizations
  • Environmental protection programs
  • Community health care organizations.

Our principals are seasoned national experts in core management, research and leadership disciplines, supported by a central staff in Traverse City , Michigan. We have a growing network of affiliated firms and consultants with whom we collaborate as opportunities arise for producing extraordinary outcomes for our clients.

Our work is focused on enabling our clients to get extraordinary results - dramatic increases in the number of clients served, in access provided, in dollars raised, in impacts on communities and people.

Our services concentrate on points of leverage in client organizations where small dollar investments can deliver big gains in impact. Examples include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Program assessment and delivery systems engineering
  • Leadership development and executive coaching
  • Development of high performance teams
  • Results-based marketing and resource development
  • Strategic systems design and development






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