The Resource
is a vehicle
for achieving extraordinary results
in access-to-justice organizations

OUR MISSION is to expand access to justice for low-income families and communities by generating powerful, research-based strategic information that exceptional civil justice organizations are using to drive up the payoffs from their fundraising and program improvement efforts.


  • Civil Legal aid programs
  • Specialized legal assistance programs and projects
  • IOLTA (interest on lawyers’ trust account) programs
  • Access to Justice commissions and committees
  • Other funding and advocacy organizations that support civil justice initiatives for low-income communities

OUR STAFF are seasoned national experts in core research and management disciplines, supported by an administrator staff in Traverse City, Michigan. We have a growing network of affiliated firms and consultants with whom we collaborate as opportunities arise for producing extraordinary outcomes for our clients.

OUR WORK is focused on producing extraordinary results for our clients - more people served, more dollars raised, and greater impacts on communities.

OUR SERVICES concentrate on points of leverage in client organizations where small dollar investments can deliver big gains in impact.

Examples include:

  • Economic impact assessment
  • Outcomes measurement
  • program evaluation
  • Legal needs assessment / “Justice Gap? studies
  • Strategic marketing