Increase Your State's IOLTA Revenue

IOLTA revenue enhancement efforts can significantly increase funding for civil justice programs, helping expand access to crucial legal help for your state's low-income communities.

The Resource has aided one out of every four IOLTA programs in North America, with more than 1,400 banks participating in IOLTA. With our help, their net revenue streams have increased by as much as $140 million per year. We can help your state's IOLTA program increase revenues too.

We can help ...

  • Learn what banks should be paying IOLTA - To level the playing field in your state.
  • Conduct revenue impact studies - To determine how much your state could reap through a rate comparability rule and to set a fair and effective "benchmark" or "safe harbor" rate.
  • Develop a rate comparability rule - To earn the same high rates for IOLTA that non-IOLTA customers get.
  • Persuade bench, bar, & banks - To support your efforts for more money & fair rates.
  • Implement your comparability rule - To join the multiple states we've helped to implement rules with more than 1,400 banks.
  • Make sense of your remittance data - To understand what the rates & balances are.
  • Foster policy innovations - To maximize revenue & strengthen your hand with banks.
  • Monitor bank compliance - To ensure banks continue to comply with your rule as products, rates, & fees change.
  • Forecast your future revenues - To allow you to develop reserves & stabilize grants.

We get results by...

  • Helping IOLTA programs increase their annual revenue by two to five times their previous annual income.
  • Helping garner tens of millions more dollars per year in increased revenues for IOLTA.
  • Working with banks on behalf of 16 IOLTA programs large and small across America, including Florida, Michigan, Connecticut, Texas, California, Utah, Hawaii, and others.