The Resource leverages your efforts to improve access to civil justice in America.

Our clients have included national and state networks of community-based organizations including the federal Legal Services Corporation, the American Bar Association, the National Association of IOLTA Programs, the New York Community Trust, the Environmental Protection Agency, the University of Connecticut, the Project for the Future of Equal Justice, and funding and grantmaking organizations in many states including New York, Florida, Michigan, Virginia, California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Texas, Arizona and Massachusetts.


  • Analysis of the key economic benefits of legal aid programs to states and local communities and application of the findings to create powerful strategies for outreach and resource development.
  • Design and implementation of IOLTA revenue enchancement programs that since 2005 have increased annual IOLTA (interest on lawyers trust account) program revenues by 100 to 600 percent in every state where we have provided technical assistance.
  • Design and application of quick-feedback evaluation methods that support organizational learning and program improvement in networks of community-based organizations;
  • Implementation of practical, real-time outcome measures for capturing results of campaigns, program innovations and demonstrations and assessing the extent to which they are successful in achieving their goals;

Core Staff and Consultant Teams

We assemble project teams from a network of seasoned professional consultants. We have a core staff of people who provide management and logistical support to our project teams and, where appropriate, contribute staff to the teams.