Benefit from Program and Project Evaluation

A Key to Expanding Access to Justice

Outcomes-focused, program assessment resonates with funders and produces insights you can use to improve your legal aid program or state civil justice system.

The Resource's program assessment services can help you improve service delivery to clients by building on the strengths found by the evaluation process and identifying solutions for any weaknesses that are discovered.

The result: Better services to low-income people, powerful success stories ready to be told, and more funding and support for your civil justice programs.

We can help good programs become great

Our simple, rigorous, five-step evaluation methodology, based on more than 35 years' experience evaluating civil justice programs, is a powerful tool that is all about improving outcomes being achieved for clients. Let us help you ...

  1. Identify the beneficiaries of your services.
  2. Identify the results that are important to those beneficiaries.
  3. Gather information about results that are being achieved.
  4. Use the information to improve upon these results.
  5. Identify effective ways to tell your story.

We provide the technical support you need to get the information you want.

Our Program Assessment Technical Support:

  • Keeps the conversation flowing among program leaders, funders, and partners about opportunities for improving results.
  • Supports effective technical assistance to under-performing elements of a program.
  • Provides information to anchor a program's strategic marketing efforts in the outcomes actually being delivered to clients.
  • Enables a community to celebrate innovation and success.
  • Identifies high-performing projects that can provide "best practice" models for replication.

For Further Information:

Visit our Resources for Program Assessment page