Harness the Economic Benefits of Legal Aid: Telling Your Program's Success Story

Legal aid not only helps individuals and families resolve their legal problems, it also boosts state and local economies. And that's a story worth telling as programs seek to build support and increase resources in challenging times.

The Resource's analysts and writers can help your program identify, quantify, and convey the economic impact of your core work. The result: Powerful marketing materials that help convince legislatures, foundations, and other prospective funders to invest in your legal aid program and its tangible results.

We can help...

  • Analyze your program's data to quantify the efficiency and effectiveness of your services.
  • Convey the economic impacts of your program's efforts in reports and other materials that are persuasive and visually compelling.
  • Coordinate the professional production of high-impact marketing materials that tell your program's success story.

We get results by...

  • Easing the already heavy workload facing legal aid directors by providing just the right amount of support that helps you tell your success story.
  • Conducting independent, expert analyses that carry credibility with foundations, the bench, bar, and beyond.

For Further Information:

Click on our Economic Impact Assessment Resources page.