Resources for Economic Impact Assessment

A. Why Do an Economic Impact Assessment?

Legal aid leaders across the country are using economic impact data as a powerful new thread in their "case" for preservation and even expansion of funding for their programs in the intense competition for scarce dollars that prevails in today's fundraising climate.

B. Sample Studies by The Resource

  1. Nevada: Click the graphic at left to view the Executive Summary of our 2018 statewide study of legal needs and economic impacts..
  2. Florida: CLICK HERE to view our 2016 report on the economic impacts of legal aid programs in that state.
  3. Missouri: We assisted the Missouri legal aid network in producing a report summarizing the results and achievements of legal aid in that state. Economic impacts were quantified on pages 6 and 7 of that report.
  4. Pennsylvania: We served as consultants to PA IOLTA in producing an eight-year report on the impacts of the Pennsylvania filing fee program. Economic impacts are described on pages 7 and 8 of the report.
  5. Virginia: The economic impact of Virginia legal aid programs was described on pages 3 and 4 of the annual statewide overview report produced by The Resource.
  6. California: The economic and societal impact of legal service programs funded by the Marin Community Foundation, 2012.
  7. Georgia: Economic Impacts of Civil Legal Aid Organization in Georgia, 2013.
  8. New Hampshire: Summary of Economic Benefits and Savings From Civil Legal Services in New Hampshire, 2011.
  9. Alaska: Economic Impacts and Social Benefits of Assistance Provided by Alaska Legal Services Corporation, 2012.